Christmas 2019


Peachcroft Farm Free Range Poultry

Bronze Free Range Turkey

Renowned for its enhanced flavour and wonderful succulent texture this ever- popular breed roams freely in grassy tree lined paddocks on the farm.

Herb Fed Free range Poultry

 Christmas Roosters are a very special chicken produced only once a year  by Herb fed poultry for Christmas Day. They are fed a diet of over 10 fresh herbs and are free to roam and graze acres of Yorkshire pasture.

They offer a classic alternative to  Free Range Turkeys and because they are smaller, they can be the perfect ‘bird with taste’ for a festive family meal.

Peachcroft Farm Free Range Goose

Why not spoil your family this Christmas by presenting them with a traditional festive meal of succulent roast goose. Cooking couldn’t be simpler and to guarantee the cook praise we have included inside the carry-home box cooking guidelines and tips on how to prepare the perfect Christmas goose, stress free.

The result is the tastiest celebratory meal.

Prime Cheshire Beef

Fantastic rolled sirloin, prime rib on bone  and succulent topside. all available to order this Christmas. Hung by ourselves for a minimum of six weeks for brilliant flavour and tenderness.

Cheshire Pork

Outdoor reared here in cheshire great tasting pork, only gilt pigs which have the right fat coverage for us, leg of pork, rolled loin and rolled shoulder all available to order 

Handmade On The Premises Sausages

Premier pork, pork chipolatas, pigs in blankets and a selection of other flavours